The use of MolecuLight i:X in managing burns

Bacterial infections account for 75% of mortalities in severely burned patients.

The Journal of Burn Care Research recently published an article (April 2017) which highlights MolecuLight i:X’s ability to guide swabbing and debridement, locate regions of concern that otherwise would have been overlooked, target treatments more effectively, and prevent unnecessary prescription of antibiotics.

This study of 20 patients was performed by Emily Blumenthal, RN MSc BSN and Steven Jeffery, MBChB FRCS EBOPRAS FRCS FHEA of University College London and Birmingham Burn Centre, UK. The authors conclude that “MolecuLight i:X is an innovative device using the endogenous fluorescence of tissue and bacteria to detect clinically significant bacterial loads of burns. MolecuLight i:X is also capable of providing guidance for visualisation of bacteria not seen under standard conditions, areas needing debridement and targeting treatment.”

Having this technology will hopefully reduce the burden on the patient and guide clinicians to the best course of action, hopefully preventing antibiotic-resistance through the appropriate use of targeted therapies. Overall, MolecuLight i:X appears to be a simple device with tremendous implications for the future of burn wound assessment and treatment.”

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