MolecuLight DarkDrape®

The MolecuLight DarkDrape® creates an optimal imaging environment for clinicians using the MolecuLight i:X™ to visualize fluorescence and detect elevated bacterial loads in wounds in combination with CSS when room lights cannot be turned off and required ambient lighting conditions cannot be met.

The MolecuLight i:X has a built-in sensor that detects optimal lighting conditions. The MolecuLight DarkDrape is a one-time use consumable that easily connects to the MolecuLight i:X with a built-in adapter.

The DarkDrape is made of flexible polyethylene material that contours around any body part while the built-in adapter features a support frame to maintain an unobstructed field of view, enabling fast and easy imaging of all wound types.

The MolecuLight DarkDrape ensures proper ambient lighting conditions are met to detect wounds containing elevated bacterial load in any clinical environment (in combination with CSS).


Material Flexible Polyethylene
Length 280 mm
Width 270 – 380 mm
Package Case of 50 DarkDrapes
Part # PN 1446
Color Black

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