Investigator-Initiated CLINICAL RESEARCH

MolecuLight Inc., the world leader in fluorescence imaging of wounds for detection of elevated bacteria loads* (>104 CFU/g), is proud to support an active clinical investigation program that includes sponsor- and investigator-initiated projects. With the MolecuLight imaging device, researchers can enhance the quality of data collected by obtaining real-time evidence and documentation of bioburden in the wound.

The MolecuLight Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS) Program provides support for research designed and conducted by an Investigator or Institution. The objectives of the IIS program are to:

  • Promote better patient outcomes
  • Provide information to the health care community through peer reviewed publications
  • Support research that advances MolecuLight’s scientific goals

Investigators seeking support for an investigator-initiated clinical project are able to do so under the following criteria:

  1. Data that validates or reports patient outcomes after clinical use of MolecuLight:​ There is a wealth of published clinical evidence available regarding the use of MolecuLight devices. If specific information is not already available from prior studies, the investigator can submit an application for support. These applications are reviewed within 6 weeks of submission date.
  2. Data that validates​ a 3rd party product: There are many products that target erradication of bacterial burden or are contraindicated for use when high levels of bacteria are present. MolecuLight strives to remain unbiased and therefore, does not provide financial support, including in-kind provision of devices, to validate 3rd party products. However, the Investigator or Sponsoring Party can purchase a device for these projects.
If you are considering an Investigator Initiated Project involving MolecuLight, please contact a MolecuLight Regional Sales Manager to discuss the best path forward for your project.
*Used in combination with standard clinical assessment for signs and symptoms of infection