Fish Skin for Human Wounds: Iceland’s Pioneering Treatment (July 26, 2017)


This story was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek. Kerecis Ltd, a small company in Iceland has the only FDA-approved skin substitute derived from fish. Fertram Sigurjonsson is the Chairman and CEO of Kerecis. His small company has spent the past nine years applying fish skin to the treatment of chronic wounds, those that take longer than […]

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How will fluorescence imaging impact wound care? (April 24, 2017)


Effective wound management is a challenge for healthcare.  In Canada, wounds cost $3.9 billion annually (approximately 3% of total healthcare expenditures).  Individuals with chronic wounds experience harmful consequences including intractable pain, infectious complications, hospitalization, reduced quality of life, depression, and increased risk of death.  With the continued rise in the incidence of diabetes and obesity, […]

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Will the ‘urgent need’ for new drugs be sufficient in the fight against bacteria? (February 27 2017)


Three of the most fearsome bacteria in the world are Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Enterobacteriaceae.  This is because these bacteria have developed resistance to key antibiotic drugs since the more an antibiotic is used, the less effective it becomes over time. The reality of the antibiotic market works against the traditional pharmaceutical marketing strategy.  Rather than being used […]

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